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Matchingham Games was founded in 2020 with a simply expressible yet powerfully connecting passion in heart: having fun together. Our journey kicked off in the UK; the cradle of inclusivity, variety, colors, and richness through differences. The magic behind the towering success of our games is the zeal and zest to connect gamers from four corners of the world via laughter. A hub of innovative, creative, and kid-at-heart teammates, Matchingham Games proves to offer unmatched gaming experiences to millions. If you ask about what characterizes the Matchingham Games as a company, we would tell you these: think wise, test a lot, trust in data, call to action. In addition to games produced in Matchingham Games’ own frame, we further shoulder the publishing of around 20 game studios across the globe.

For every game we put out, there is an extensive thought process that went on in order to provide our huge family around the globe with fun time that’s taste will always linger until next time, but also to share life, contemplate on human relations and society, and evaluate public conduct with a fun yet critical eye.

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Purpose Drives Our Journey

Being engaged requires being included and valued. We are dedicated to creating and nurturing a company culture where inclusion is an organic reflex, not a specific initiative. Purpose drives our journey, and we believe each piece of us has a role in actualizing our goals. Therefore, regardless of gender, ethnic and racial differences, we believe in exchanging views for innovation and continuous improvement. Being more creative calls for continuous learning and development on theoretical and hands-on practices; we value hiring those who learn best and advanced in upskilling by committing ourselves to build a team from all walks and colours of life. We believe that ‘purpose on journey’ requires hard work; not in a stressful environment, but in a joyful one. Matchingham Games thrives on being a workplace where joy and fun navigate across its teams.

If it is shaped by;

Brilliant dreams which we all believe in

If it is powered by;

Critical thinking which we all assess through

If it pushes;

Productivity which we all aim at for gamers

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